The Passive Skills
Traivan Toolkit 3.0 Closed Beta Jan 11, 2021
After 6 months of testing, Travian Toolkit 3.0 finally released a closed beta version 3.03.
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Released Dota 12v12 - The Passive Skills Oct 16, 2020
Powers of the two ancients that cannot exist together, the battle is everlasting until The Ancient, the root of power must be destroyed. History will be full of darkness or sunshine, we won't know...
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Released Travian Toolkit 3.0 After 12 Months Jul 20, 2020
You enjoy planning strategies with friends in the Travian Kingdom world, reaching late game takes a lot of time, and you have a busy life with other things? With Travian Toolkit 3.0 easily play and enjoy life!
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Intell Entertainment Closes Beta Version May 18, 2019
It’s time to rewrite and clear garbages.
Travian Toolkit Launches Beta Version Aug 28, 2015
Are you playing Travian Kingdom? You want to win the game while you are so busy. Travian Toolkit will help you to resolve all troubles in the game.
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Account Support Launches Nov 17, 2014
Are you having troubles with your account: You can't log in, you forgot your password, account name, or you didn't receive verify email.
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Intell Entertainment Launches Beta Version Nov 15, 2014
It’s time to launch beta version. Beta version includes Intell Keys application. Applications, Games, and Shop will launch soon.